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Stockholm is the capital of Sweden which is located in Europe continent. The square of Stockholm is 377 km. The population is about 886 thousand people.
Because of its geographical nature, Stockholm is considered one of the most beautiful cities all over the world as it combines modern attractions and historical charm.
30% of Stockholm is waterways and other 30% is gardens and green parks.

What can you visit in Stockholm?

– Djurgarden Island

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Djurgarden Island means “the royal garden” is considered one of the most important and special tourist spots in Stockholm. Tourists prefer to visit it because it is the largest public garden and tourist resort in the city.

The Royal palace

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The Royal Palace is one of the largest palaces in Europe which was built to be the official residence of His Majesty the King of Sweden. The palace consists of over 600 rooms.
You can see Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities, the Tre Kronor Museum and the Treasury. Also you can visit the reception rooms and enjoy the wonderful interior decorations.

Gamla Stan

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Gamla Stan, the old town and one of the best medieval city centers in Europe. In Gamla Stan you can see and visit many beautiful churches and museums, such as Noble museum and Stockholm Cathedral.

The Vasa Museum

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The Vasa is a preserved ship from 17th century. It was a war ship and its long is 69m. It sank in its voyage in 1628 and restored in 1961 preserved 75% of its original state.

City Hall


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City hall is one of the famous silhouettes in Stockholm. City hall was built from 8 million bricks with 106m tall and has three crowns. There are offices and session halls for politicians and officials with beautiful and wonderful work art rooms.

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